Sneak Peak - Interview Strong



I am constantly asked by friends, colleagues, and strangers how to best approach interviews.  How do I get the job? How do I answer certain questions? Who makes the actual hiring decision? What should I do to prepare?  The list goes on and on.  By the end of this book, all of those questions will be answered for you. 


Interviewing well is not necessarily about being the most skilled or even the most eloquent candidate.  Winning your interview is about finding and communicating the right combination of information needed during the interview process to put you on top of the competition.   I have been a been a hiring manager in various business functional area at multiple levels (manager thru executive) for years.  This means that have I direct experience being the sole decision maker regarding whether to hire candidates.  I have also worked in HR and Talent Acquisition for over 15 years.   This allows me to provide you with some unique perspectives and recommendations from both the side of the actual hiring manager (the person that makes the hiring decision) and also from Human Resources (the people that are often a part of the initial screening and reviews).  Armed with both perspectives, this book will  help you to conduct interviews with ease and effectiveness and give you the needed edge to win that job. 


Although I will provide you with some of the most frequently asked questions and sample answers toward the end of this book, the book is not designed to teach you how to memorize answers to questions.  That is one of the biggest mistakes candidates can make.  Unless you are an trained actor, memorized responses always always sound like memorized responses.  Interviewers are interested in knowing that you have prepared for the interview opportunity but do not want to hear canned responses to each question asked.  


By the end of the this book you will be able to execute you own Interview GAME PLAN flawlessly and:

• Understand the perspective of the hiring manager and the reason behind certain “types” of questions. 

• Understand how to structure your answers in a consistent manner that is both engaging and informative

• Create a strategy  and approach for pre and post interview interactions

• Understand how the process for interview is similar to the process of competing in an sport or athletic activity and that some of the exact same techniques work in both areas. 

• Be prepared to Interview Strong and WIN that job!



Ready. Set. Interview Strong!